Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Pregnancy is an illness.

Having signed a petition, I received this back from 10 Downing Street:
We received a petition asking:
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Revoke the 1967 Abortion Act."
Details of Petition:
"We the undersigned petition that the 1967 Abortion Act be revoked. The act of abortion destroys the lives of thousands of women every day, not to mention the innocent children, and is reprehensible in all circumstances."

Read the Government's response
Abortion is a subject on which many people hold very strong and widely differing views. It is accepted Parliamentary practice that proposals for changes in the law on abortion have come from backbench members and that decisions are made on the basis of free votes. The Government has no plans to change the law on abortion.

As Parliament has decided that abortions may lawfully be carried out in the circumstances specified in the Abortion Act 1967 (as amended by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990), we believe that facilities for abortion treatment should be available. We also have a responsibility to monitor the provisions of the Act as they are, unless Parliament chooses to amend the law further.
Women seeking a termination for whatever reason must have grounds under the Abortion Act. A pregnancy may be terminated only if two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion that an abortion is justified within the terms of the Act, in the light of their clinical judgement of all the particular circumstances of the individual case.

Abortion 'treatment'!!!!

Pregnancy is now an illness. Officially.


Anonymous said...

Yes i saw the results from Downing St.

To be fair though fr it's easy to see how they make the jump to illness. for example i was sick with pregnancy vomiting & nausea for about 3 years having 12 pregnancies. Then one gets swollen & suffers insomnia & discomfort.

So some of the symptoms of pregnancy result in illnesses..some might experience raised blood pressure & the life-threatening pre-ecclampsia..

So pregnancy in these respects can be likened to an illness.

The way to proceed is to accept that there are often times miserable & debilitating side-effects but realise mom needs encouragement & help through the tough times & that doesn't mean killing the baby. It might mean providing extra support or rest for the expectant mother..but that's too time consuming to some..an abortion..they think clears up the problem quicker..just a few ramblings..

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Certainly the Govt is right to say people have strong 'opinions' about abortion-but how many of those opinionated people actually KNOW about pregnancy and the life of the baby?

The bizarre way pregnancy is treated as a a 'natural' thing on the one hand; break out the lavender oil and heavy breathing-and as a over medicalised problem on the other hand-quick get an abortion this looks too difficult-it's just weird!

Try getting help when you become seriously ill during a pregnancy! Ye gods it's not easy!
Try getting sensible advice during a high risk pregnancy.

One of the biggest problems we face with abortion is how little people know about the whole subject.

Oh I could go on...but don't worry I wont..

Philip Andrews said...

'Tis they who are gravely sick. It's only the sacraments with amendment of life and being grounded in God’s Word, that can cure them.

Fr John Boyle said...

Women seeking a termination for whatever reason must have grounds under the Abortion Act. Says it all!