Monday, 20 August 2007

Amnesty and abortion

I was taught by Bishop Michael Evans, many years ago. I am rather proud of his stand over Amnesty Internation and abortion—after many years of passionate support for the organization, he has resigned from Amnesty over their recent decision to give support to abortion under certain circumstances.
This is all a great shame. Amnesty International have done some very fine work over the years, highlighting human rights abuses throughout the world, and it has been good that the Catholic Church has provided both its foundation and a large base of supporters.
One parishioner commented how sad she found it;
I think it sad that Amnesty should get involved with something that simply isn't in its remit; it will inevitably compromise the good work it does.
Another parishioner has decided to continue his membership, thinking that the good Amnesty does still outweighs the negative implications of this recent vote. I have asked him to consider whether this simply sends a signal to the organization that their decision doesn't matter; will other charitable organizations get the message that they can with impunity impose a pro-choice agenda and continue to collect subscription money from Catholics?
I have asked the Amnesty members in my parish to look into possibly affiliating to Irish Amnesty, who have distanced themselves from this decision.


Anonymous said...

So has Amnesty definitively voted on this issue now? So it is part of their public policy? Thanks.

Red Maria said...

No Amnesty hasn't "voted" on the issue. Amnesty's leadership has pushed the policy through. Notice the difference.
Members of Amnesty's UK section were balloted on the policy change and they voted against it. Amnesty simply ignored them.
Amnesty by the way, isn't a charity. I believe its a registered company. Its London headquarters are spacious, tastefully appointed, complete with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and situated in a fashionable part of town. It must all cost a pretty penny.
Similarly, Amnesty executives always seem to wear tastefully cut suits. Shmattes like that don't come cheap.
Along with that they also get to hobnob with the powerful and exert their political influence on an international stage. Not that they have to go through the inconvenience of submitting themselves to democratic elections, or being accountable to anyone, the way ordinary politicians do. Democracy? Huh! That's a mug's game, like soooo last millennium.
This "human rights" gig really pays off. In every sense of the term.

Red Maria said...

There's an interesting discussion on Amnesty and abortion over on the comments box of Slugger O'Toole. Patrick Corrigan, director of Amnesty Northern Ireland is contributing and needless to say making not a few questionable claims about abortion and human rights.
But importantly he has emphasised - and on this, he should know - that AMNESTY IRELAND CAN'T OPT OUT OF THE PRO-ABORTION POLICY.
Father Justin, it is imperative that you tell your readers and your parishioners that they cannot affiliate to Amnesty Ireland and so avoid the pro-abortion policy. It isn't possible. As Cardinal Martino has indicated, the only thing Catholics can do is resign from Amnesty and take their money elsewhere. There is no pressing reason for anyone to support Amnesty anyway. Its not a sacred cow, it isn't the only human rights operator on the planet. Some people's attachment to Amnesty seems to be more sentimental than sensible.
People must be in no doubt that if they are funding Amnesty, any Amnesty section, they are now funding a pro-abortion agency. A pro-abortion agency that doesn't scruple to ride roughshod over its members objections and impose a pro-abortion policy. A pro-abortion agency that makes questionable claims about the decriminalisation of abortion being consistent with human rights and humanitarian law. That's a blatant untruth by the way, but that's the line they're now using in public, as you'll see on Slugger O'Toole.
It gives an indication of what it'll be arguing at the UN where it has NGO consultative status.
Amnesty - all sections of it - is now openly and officially part of a movement to impose legal abortion on countries such as Ireland, Poland and Malta. Any funding of Amnesty is now funding abortion.
For a chance to put questions to an Amnesty official go to: