Monday, 27 August 2007

Ma Beck's Quiz

H/T to Fr Ray and, in the first place, Ma Beck

A.) What was the profession of the man science calls the "father of Egyptology?"
B.) What did the "father of geology" do for a living?
C.) What about the "father of modern atomic theory?"
D.) What about the first person to measure the rate of a freely-falling body?
E.) Who gave rise to the science of seismology, the study of earthquakes?
F.) What occupation did the "father of international law" have?
G.) What was the first modern legal system in Europe?
H.) Where does the idea of "human rights" come from?

The answers:

A.) Roman Catholic Priest. B.) Roman Catholic Priest. C.) Roman Catholic Priest. D.) Roman Catholic Priest. E.) A group of Roman Catholic priests (the Jesuits). F.) Roman Catholic Priest.
G.) Canon Law. H.) Canon Law.

To which should be added,
I) What occupation did the "father of the study of genetics" have?
J) What occupation did the "father of the modern historical method" have?
K) What occupation did the "father of astronomy" have?

All Catholic priests, of course. The first was Gregor Mendel, the second Caesar Baronius, the third Nicolaus Copernicus.

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Henry said...

I am not sure about all of these. As far as I know, atomic theory was Dalton. And the falling body person was Galileo. But this may be wrong.