Thursday, 9 August 2007

Beyond belief

Please see Damian Thompson's blog; the Episcopal Conference of England and Wales have sponsored, it seems, a despicable attack on Pope Benedict. This is getting beyond a joke. When is Rome going to send us one good bishop we can be proud of?


Benfan said...

Fr Aidan Nichols, he's the man we need. Even a cough and a splutter from him in the morning would be more faith filled and intellectually sound than most of the soundbites coming from our present incombents.

As for me, I have decided to act. Tommorow I will be ringing all the uk based catholic charities I support to allow them to explain their relationship with Caritas Social action and I will take it from there. I've had enough.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

I read the link. I want to be surprised...I'm just disgusted.

God bless -
This too will pass

Anonymous said...

Utterly, utterly despicable. But maybe this time they've gone too far, and it might spur some of the better bishops to speak out. God bless our Holy Father - and what a beautiful picture of him on Damian's post!

James H said...

I will probally link you as one of the UK bloggers that is commentingon this. This is the buzz among the AMericam blogs. So keep us informed. I am will curious if these documents will be on line

Henry said...

Perhaps problem bishops can just be regarded as yet, or perhaps, just, another of the problems afflicting Britain. From where and how would we get better ones?

John Fisher said...

I genuinely do not want this to be an opprotunity for bishop-bashing, but, given the present appalling situation, I feel we need to do whatever we can to help recover the Faith in this country.

Can anyone name one sound bishop in E and W? By that, I don't mean a 'nice chap', or someone loud on justice and peace (important though those are), or well-known for exercising collabarative ministry, or a keen supporter of lay-led parishes; or good with sound bites in the hope that they might bring preferment in Rome, regardless of the sincerity (or lack of it) with which he holds such views.

I mean one who is clearly a father in God; known for his prayer life; proud of his faith; proud to proclaim it; loyal to the Holy Father; an enegertic supporter of vocations, Eucharistic Adoration?

I can't think of anyone.