Monday, 16 July 2007

Motu Proprio from the Vatican, Rome, Italy, Europe, The World, The Solar System, The Milky Way, The Universe, Space, Near More Space.

An interesting and not bad account of the new Motu Proprio here, from Boston (that's Boston USA, not the better-known Boston, Lincolnshire).
Excuse the heavy humour; I got annoyed last night watching a fillum where shots of the Houses of Parliament or Trafalgar Square with Big Red Buses were invariably accompanied with a ticket assuring me that this was London, England, Europe, in case I (or anyone) confused it with London, Melonsquashville, NB.


Insuetus said...

Yes,it is a good article from Boston USA and the optimism is to be applauded. I rather suspect however, that in England anyway and a certain Diocese in particular of which I have had many years of experience, it is hard to be optimistic (even though our faith demands it).After all, does it not sound a little negative when the reported reaction of its Bishop is "This could be divisive"? I thought it was part of the Bishop's remit to be the focus of unity. By the way, do they still learn Latin in our seminaries?

Anonymous said...

Check out Fr Guy Nicholls on my blog too!