Monday, 16 July 2007

The Biretta is back, baby!



karen h. -- san diego said...

ya know....some guys just don't look good in those things. White tie looks good on every man. Birettas apparently don't! If you have one of those 4 cornered jobs, leave it for academic settings!

A friend of mine watched The Verdict with Paul Newman. It incensed him that one character always had his biretta clamped firmly on his head with the "open side" of the biretta to the front.

duh. Was no one on the production team a practicing catholic of the old school? Apparently not!

What would an updated biretta look like? Visor at the front? A "VA" embroidered at the front?

My guess is a new one costs as much as a pony.

benfan said...

They always remind me of jelly moulds.

Aodh said...

I am thankful that my commentary on the return of the liturgical biretta has been mentioned in your blog. Feel free to give an appropriate byline to the author as well and my blogspot
Thank you,
Hugh J.McNichol, Blogger and author of The Biretta is Back Baby!

Fr Justin said...

Aodh; thanks for visiting. Actually, the word 'apparently'is a link which points directly to your page.

Aodh said...

Thank you Fr.Justin.