Monday, 16 July 2007

Climate change

Well, I don't really know what to make of climate change. Until my good friend Fr Michael Brown starts his own vignoble, I can't make myself worry too much. Others are doing plenty for me. However…
In my own garden, I have growing at the moment, and flowering/fruiting simultaneously,
Olives (I expect what I can see are tiny blossoms), grapes (doing fantastically), raspberries, blackberries, a few strawberries left, buddleja, a few gentians left, lots and lots of other flowers (roses not so good this year) but, still, PRIMROSES! Yes, I still have lots of primroses. It's July, folks; but I don't think my primroses have noticed. They have bloomed constantly and continuously since March. God bless them!
Now, maybe one of you is smiling indulgently and knows what this phenomenon is all about. Ah, you'll say; he's obviously growing Primrosius Aestatis Idiotii.
But I'm impressed, anyway.
I'm glad Fr Ray is away; I think he'd say I was boring him again.


Fr Ray said...

You're boring me.

Karen H. -- San Diego said...

Olives? Olives in England? Wow. Didn't know. Can you send some of your excess rain to the SW of the US? We sure could use it! Even the bouganvillia is hatin' life.

I had some mullberrys this year...but not nearly as many as I'd have liked.

Do you make preserves?