Monday, 9 July 2007

If I were not convinced before……

From We Are Church:
There haven't been any convincing arguments for the supposed deficits of the current Missal. Often such argumention uses the concept of sacrifice which is neither Biblical nor tenable within the Roman liturgy.
This itself would certainly be enough to send me scampering away from the 1970 missal. If the Mass is not a sacrifice……

Has this really been written by a malicious traditionalist?

Read the whole article here (from The Closed Cafeteria).

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Benfan said...

What emerged through "Tradition" was the sacrificial mass. I think Pope Benedict says as much. The issue however is the objection to the Motu Proprio. What this is saying is that the NO mass is not sacrificial, more memorial in the protestant/anglican sense. Well, I think its best to assume these comments are not what our Bishops and Cardinals who support the "Spirit of VII" think. To assume otherwise would be too much.