Saturday, 1 September 2007

What might have happened…

Fr Zuhlsdorf (whom God protect) has posted an account of an interview given by an American bishop, Victor Galeone, in which he seems to suggest that indeed there is a problem with priests saying Mass irreverently, but he seems to suggest that perhaps what ought to be done is to stop priests celebrating Mass irreverently, rather than bringing back the Old Mass.
The bishop said that he sees that it’s irreverence exhibited by priests that needs to be corrected, and that the solution is not found in bringing back the Latin Mass.
Bishop Galeone is far from being the only one to suggest this, most saying something along the lines of 'oh well, we all know we've lost a sense of mystery, but surely the Old Mass was all about gabble and non-participation'.
One cynically wonders, however, whether their Lordships would ever have thought it desireable to bring back a sense of mystery if there had not been a movement to bring back the Traditional Mass……


Ma Beck said...

Right on, Father!

I am forever amused by people who call Galeone (my parents' bishop, incidentally) "orthodox" just because he once spoke on Humanae Vitae and allows ONE Latin Mass in the entire, humongous diocese.
His passive-aggressive disdain for the old Mass speaks volumes. Fifty people? Can't be said during Triduum? Latin tests? Please. If the priest at my parents' church (a dear, holy man) ever learns to speak English it'll be a miracle.
(By the way, Bp. Galeone said to my sister, who attends the old Mass, that the old Mass was "for old people." My sister is 40ish. Nice, huh?)

News flash: Hardly ANY bishops are "orthodox."
Orthodox: (adj.)Adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith, especially in religion.

These people have little regard for the immemorial customs and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and they show it every time they put up roadblocks to the old Mass.

Denver and St. Louis have two of only a handful of truly orthodox bishops in the US.
Being pro-life (AND SPEAKING ON IT, particularly when the diocese next door is allowing a "catholic" man to MURDER HIS DISABLED WIFE and then allows him to GET REMARRIED IN A CATHOLIC CHURCH) is your solemn duty, not an option.
Do I think Galeone is a bad bishop? Nope, I think he's really trying to do the right thing, he's just misinformed and possibly being misled by the devil, like many FL bishops. This is not meant to be a critique of him, but rather a reaction to the way some people laud him and the D. of St. Augustine as a bastion of orthodoxy.

Argy said...

Ma, Your sister should have replied Yes Bishop, old people, like St Peter or St Francis, maybe St Pio do you mean perhaps?

They're a dying breed, men of their time, they will pass. The Church of Jesus Christ always was, always is and always will be faithful to the Truth. As regards those who obstruct or deride this Truth, most do so because they do not understand or see it. They know not what they do.

Ma Beck said...

I am going to remember that ALWAYS, and the next time I hear that old line, that's how I'm going to respond.
Thank you!

Philip Andrews said...

argy is right: They are a dying breed. In fifty to one hundred years time, there may be the odd 'Novus Ordo' Mass in a diocese, permitted by indult only, of course.

fred said...

Will you bring back the 'old mass' at the seminary Fr? Just imagine what an impact that could make.

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Insuetus said...

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