Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Mean Gits

There are still some out there!

The Archdiocese of Milan has determined that Pope Benedict's motu proprio on the use of the pre-conciliar Latin liturgy does not apply to the use of the Ambrosian rite there.

In an unofficial August 24 note, the archpriest of the city’s cathedral, Msgr. Luigi Manganini, informed all archdiocesan deaneries that the motu proprio pertains only to Latin-rite parishes in the archdiocese, not to the majority Ambrosian rite. According to Msgr. Manganini, there have been no new requests for the use of the traditional Ambrosian rite.

At the moment, there is only one archdiocesan Sunday Mass celebrated according to the traditional Ambrosian rite. Around 60 faithful from across the archdiocese attend this traditional Mass, which was suspended for the summer.

H/T to CWN


Anonymous said...

They're not the only MGs.
Visit Glasgow!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

The resistance to the MP is simply astonishing.
After imposing some really bizarre "creative liturgies" on us all, it's time the normal Catholic in the pew got to worship God properly.
Oh Father, I wish I didn't have such a sinking feeling about it all here in the UK.

Paulinus said...

Funny how the rachet of diversity only goes one way, eh?

Insuetus said...

Be fair to Monsignor Luigi Manganini please.. perhaps his attitude is based on the fact that he doesn't like rice pudding.