Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Ten Commandments of the Curé of Corps

I found this in a French church many years ago, posted to the back wall, written by a grumpy curé. The Church was in a place called, puzzlingly, Corps. I have tried to decipher and (loosely) translate for your delectation/entertainment/edification.

The Ten Commandments for being a good parishioner.

1. Thou shalt arrive at every Mass regularly on time.
2. Thou shalt not obstinately hang around at the back of the church.
3. Thou shalt sit thyself in a pew, without blocking the aisle.
4. When asked, thou shalt give generously to good causes.
5. During Mass, thou shalt sing joyfully.
6. Thou shalt seriously listen to thy curé's sermons.
7. Thou shalt not save up thy sins to confess them at EASTER.
8. Thou shalt not systematically oppose any reforms.
9. Thou shalt pray, waiting for the eternal reign of GOD.
10. Thou shalt kindly remain in place until the end of Mass.

AMEN! and Have a nice stay in Corps, everybody!


Karen H. -- San Diego said...

How about:

11. Thou shall turn off they cell phone, especially if it sounds like a Fisher-Price toy.

12. IF thou has a screaming child how about taking it outside for a bit.

13. Thou shalt not give small children carkeys to play with.

14. If thou insists on coming to Mass when thou has a nasty cold, please don't insist on shaking everyone's hand and refrain from the Communion cup.

15. Thou shalt not race out of the parking lot like you are racing for pole position at the the Indianapolis 500.

Fr. Larive's workers said...

Très bien!