Thursday, 7 June 2007

Absolutely Extraordinary

There is a growing consensus that the traditional rite is, in the (?) forthcoming (?) Motu Proprio, to be deemed 'extraordinary', and the novus ordo 'ordinary' rites of Mass in the Latin tradition.
We need canonical precedents here to understand 'extraordinary' and 'ordinary'. The one that springs to mind is extraordinary and ordinary ministers of communion.
So in the average parish, there should be about the same proportion of celebrations of the traditional Mass to the new Mass as there are extraordinary ministers of Communion to ordinary ministers of Communion.
I can live with that.

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benfan said...

Sorry Father
But I believe you are worshiping a false dawn here. The source of your error lies in the fact that there are virtually no "extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist". There are only "Eucharistic ministers". So I'm afraid it's back to rosary beads!