Friday, 18 May 2007

The Sign We Give

I took a brother priest to lunch the other day in a local Italian restuarant. Actually, it's run by a Kossovan, and it's really good: I think the chef may be Italian. All the rest of the staff, as it happens, are European Moslems.
Just as a waiter brought a dish to the table, my brother priest, regaling me with a story, let fly with the holy Name, as an expletive. Twice, and then a third time.
I saw on the face of the Moslem waiter first shock and then contempt.
I don't blame him.

Blessed be the holy name of Jesus.


David Palmer said...


Thanks for your blog btw, so far it looks good!

Henry Bloggins said...

Muslims found Gerry Springer: the Opera's attack on 'Esu the prophet more offensive than the average Catholic, the attack on Jesus the God-Man.

Anonymous said...

I cannot but condemn your priest friend. I hope that he was not wearing a Roman collar! I have had the experience of walking the streets wearing a cassock and a Roman collar and I was always fully aware of what I was wearing and what message my actions were sending out. It is high time that priests in particular went back to this custom and for them to wake up to the fact that there is a whole world out there judging.

Fr Justin said...

Not a friend, actually, but a priest visiting the parish on business.