Sunday, 27 May 2007

8 Facts and Habits meme

Gee, thanks, Mac! Anyway, here we are: eight probably not well-known facts about me and habits of mine.

1. I start the day with a whole pot (sometimes two) of strong tea. Each pot gives me at least four good-sized mugs. The Irish drink more tea per head of population than any other nation on earth, I gather. That explains it. I can take or leave coffee (and usually leave it).
2. I prefer blended whisky (or whiskey) to single malts. I happily drink Somerfield Prince Charlie or Waitrose own blend in preference to many a smoky, vinegary, perfectionist's delight.
3. I like a shot glass or three of the above in the evenings with a good book.
4. As far as I know, I have no other non-Irish blood in me except some French Huguenot (on my father's side) and, on my mother's side, some Moravian (basically, Amish who settled in the west of Ireland a couple of hundred years ago).
5. On both sides of my family, my grandparents' generation were passionate Fenians and among the first supporters of Fianna Fail.
6. I think my favourite spot on earth is Lake Albano.
7. Puddings, desserts, don't do much for me. Neither does chocolate.
8. I love dogs, and it is my great regret that my job at present precludes me gettting one.

I really can't dump this on eight people: if the idea grabs you, consider yourself tagged!


Orthfully Catholic said...

I like your blog! Well done, Father!

Anonymous said...

Already done mine! i like yellow labradors..we have one called Charlie!

Mac McLernon said...

I too can drink copious amounts of tea... and coffee (but I'm more fussy about coffee, so tea is usually easier!)