Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Golden Flop

Others have noted abundantly (so I didn't bother) that
1) The Golden Compass is coming out, and isn't nice to Catholics.
2) The US Bishops, however, think it's a jolly good thing.
3) The film has flopped.

Now, I notice, the US bishops have withdrawn their approval.
I do hope that it's in response to 1) above (albeit late), and not 3).

Read more about it here.


the owl of the remove said...

Check out my blog, Father, for an intriguing rumour that is being talked about over here. If true, life could get very interesting!

Ottaviani said...

The chances are that its no.3 since they didn't relent on Brokeback Mountain, when that came out.

Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

Presuming Owl of the Remove's reference is to the fascinating Rutler story, I can only say that such hopes are the perfect antidote to a London winter.

Very oddly located comment, though, on this unconnected post, there are Westminster succession discussions here and there, but this tangent was well worth following up, I encourage others to.

Perhaps Owl is drawing comparison between the "flop" of the post's subject with the "flop" which is the current See of Westminster?