Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Dolly Mixture Rage in Sussex

This arrived by post today:

The Sussex Sweet Shop opened Christmas last year, and we were completely overwhelmed by our friends from the churches desperately in need of

- Dolly Mixtures -

… So we have arranged this

- Pre-order Form -

It then goes on to enable me to order 3kg sacks of Dolly Mixture (each sack containing 1800 sweets)

Somebody, please tell me this is all a wind-up! The secretary and I have been rolling around laughing all morning at the image of venerable archdeacons having a punch up over the last dolly mixture sweet.


Ttony said...

I think you'll find that they expect you to dish them out after the childrens' Mass on Christmas morning, on the grounds that the feast is about excess and rotting teeth.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Not to mention the huge amount of Dolly Mixtures stuck into the Christingle oranges...
Imagine the horror of a shortage then:))

Fr Justin said...

Hm; you may be onto something, WSNS. The word Christingle (Chris Tingle? Christ Ingle?) was mentioned on the order form. I've never seen one of these things (Chris Tickle, I mean), but I've heard it involves luring children into Protestant churches where they are forced at hymn-book-point to stick things in oranges. It sounds wonderfully masonic/ cabbalistic. I'd never heard of the Dolly Mixture connection though.My mind is now going to work overtime.